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          High and low temperature test chamber uses and precautions

          The high and low temperature test chamber?is used to simulate the natural high and low temperature change environment. It is widely used in the test of the adaptability of the temperature environment during the storage and transportation of electronic, electrical products and other products. .

          The routine maintenance of the high and low temperature test chamber?and the simple test of the main technical indicators can ensure that the high and low temperature test chamber?works in a good state. The following are a few things to note about the maintenance of high and low temperature test chamberes:

          First, the temperature and humidity of the high and low temperature test chamber?are important factors affecting the performance of the instrument, which can cause corrosion of mechanical parts, reduce the surface finish of the metal mirror, cause errors or performance degradation of the mechanical part of the high and low temperature test chamber; Corrosion of the aluminum film of optical components such as gratings, electrothermal incubator mirrors, focusing lenses, etc., results in insufficient light energy, stray light, noise, etc., and even the instrument stops working, which affects the life of the high and low temperature test chamber. Correct it regularly.

          Second, the dust and corrosive gases in the working environment of the high and low temperature test chamber?can also affect the flexibility of the mechanical system, reduce the reliability of various limit switches, buttons, and photoelectricity, and also cause the corrosion of the aluminum film of the necessary parts. One.

          Third?After using the high and low temperature test chamber?for a certain period of time, a certain amount of dust will accumulate inside. The maintenance engineer or under the guidance of the engineer will periodically open the cover of the high and low temperature test chamber?to remove the dust from the inside. At the same time, the heat sink of each heating element is re-tightened Fix the sealed window of the optical box, calibrate it if necessary, clean and lubricate the mechanical parts, restore the original state, and then perform some necessary inspections, adjustments and records.


          Post time: Mar-06-2020
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